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Seeking Things Above

If then you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. (Col 3:1)

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Did God Really Say That?

Genesis 3:1 (ESV)
1 Now the serpent was more crafty than any other beast of the field that the Lord God had made. He said to the woman, "Did God actually say, 'You shall not eat of any tree in the garden'?"

The question you might hear today is, "Did Jesus really say if you are not a Christian you are going to hell?"

John 14:6 (ESV)
6 Jesus said to him, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

Notice the similarities. In Genesis 3:1 the devil misquotes God and asks if God really said that. Eve falls for the trap.

New Age thinking wants us to believe that God's kingdom is open to all who seek it, regardless of the path they choose. So the misquoted question asks if Jesus really said you needed to be a Christian to have eternal life rather than is Jesus the only way.

This is a subtle twist to God's word that opens you up for a greater lie that you may want to believe. Eve wanted to believe that she really could eat the fruit because it looked good.

"Christian" is a label and often misused. However, Jesus is not vague when he says He is the only way that we can be saved, regardless of what we really want to believe.

God gave us a mind and wants us to ponder and meditate on his word. However, don't add vagueness where there is clarity.

Before questioning God's word on a passage that is clear on the surface, ask yourself, "Why am I questioning this?" Is it because if it is true, you can't have or do what you want to do?


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