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If then you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. (Col 3:1)

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God loves the unborn baby

Pro choice or pro life? Where do you stand? Where do you think God stands? There are two sides of this argument. There is the side that believes that the unborn baby is a live human being and should be protected. There is the other side that believes the mother should have full control over her body, including the unborn baby she is carrying.

The entire topic is a tragedy. Try if you can to separate yourself from the charged up political aspect of this debate. This is much more than a red versus blue state issue.

A baby, a new life, one that would someday laugh, cry, think, dream, and love will never get that chance. Sure, his or her life could be hard and full of challenges. Maybe this child would grow up to be a criminal. Maybe this child would grow up lead our nation. We'll never know.

There is another tragedy. There is the tragedy of the mother. She is a life that laughs, cries, thinks, dreams, and loves. First, she has the emotional nightmare that has her in a position to make her choice. Then, if she chooses against her child, she has to live with that painful choice for the rest of her life.

God loves the unborn baby. God also loves the mother. If your faith calls you to do what you can for the unborn baby, don't forget to start with the support for the mother that is hurting and driven to this decision in the first place.

If a mother chooses to give her child life, despite whatever fears she if facing, God can make a hopeless situation one full of hope. If a mother chose against her child, God can heal her pain.

Share God's love for the unborn child. Share God's love for the hurting mom as well.


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