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If then you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. (Col 3:1)

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Global warming - hype or truth and does it matter?

The reports that that in a recent poll only 51% of Christians and only 33% of evangelical Christians consider global warming a major issue. On the other hand, 62% of non-Christian religious people and 69% of atheist see global warming as a serious threat.

In 2006, some well known evangelicals signed a document called the Evangelical Climate Initiative. A couple of the more well known Christian leaders that signed the document were Rick Warren and Bill Hybels. However, World Magazine is now reporting another group of evangelicals have initiated a new campaign called, "We Get It." This new campaign is more in line with the majority evangelical viewpoint that there are more important world issues than global warming.

Does this mean that Christians and particularly evangelical Christians are not as concerned about our world that God created as those that those that think the whole world is a lucky accident in the first place?

I think what these numbers reveal is that evangelicals are more skeptical about global-warming hype because they are skeptical of the source of the information. If evolution is forced upon us without any scientific proof, is there really solid scientific proof for global warming?

The answer to this question depends on who you believe. Proponents for the global warming threat point to computer models that show the earth's temperatures are increasing at an alarming rate. However, there are problems with these computer models such as the unpredictability of weather patterns and that when applied to past years these models have a wide variance (wide enough to completely neutralize the results).

It is important that we care for our earth that God created for us. We should not be wasteful, we should recycle and we should think green in our daily lives. However, we should not spend millions of dollars on theoretical solutions for theoretical problems when there are real problems that need to be addressed today. People are starving and people are dying of AIDS. This is not a theoretical catastrophe that might happen in two or three decades. It is a catastrophe happening now.

You can find all the global warming hype you want just by doing a Google search. You can also find plenty of counter-arguments. If you want to read a good balance to the prevailing hype, try articles on these two scientific (not Christian) sites:

Skeptic Magazine - A Climate of Belief

Junk Science - The Real Inconvenient Truth'

I think I have to side with the majority evangelical view. The proponents of the global warming catastrophe theory are too political and the scientific counter-points are sound.

Let's take care of the world God gave us but let's set aside political agendas and focus on the world's real problems today.

What do you think?

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Guy Vestal said...

Wouldn't you think the rapture would hit before that? God promises to rebuild the earth, not let it get destroyed.

Tony said...

Which is why, while being good stewards of this world, we should focus on living out Matt 25:35-40 and Acts 1:8 now.

Thanks for stopping by.

Rebecca said...

Well I just think that there are more than the two view points of 1Christian view,2thoose who think the world is an accident. I don't believe either, but I DO believe that our world and our health are precious gifts that we should show appreciation for by taking care of both.

Tony said...

Rebecca - I'm sure there are well more than two views. I was comparing the Christian view to the 69% atheist view. Thanks for your comments and I share your belief that we should care for the world and health we have been given.
Your profile on Blogger is private so I cannot check out your site. Feel free to come back and leave a direct link if you like.

Jenaisle said...

I agree with Rebecca, we are entrusted with the herculean task of overseeing the earth. We therefore, should nurture and take care of it, by taking steps to preserve mother nature; because when we don't, nature lashes back at us and we are helpless in the immensity of her power. (floods, erosions, global warming ,etc)

Tony said...

Jenaisle - agree but we need to take care of the people too (as I see you do on you blogs). I like your campaign on writing about the effects of violence on TV on our children. I'm going to have to work on a post for that campaign.

Jenaisle said...

Tony, thanks for responding to my call for support. I will send you my e mail ad so you can send your article directly.

Happy blogging.

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