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Seeking Things Above

If then you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. (Col 3:1)

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Election Victory Guaranteed

On Tuesday our country will elect a new president.  Some think that this election will be a landslide. Some predict a closer election and maybe even an upset.  Whoever wins, about half the country will be upset.

We live in a state between discontent and fear.  Discontent because gas prices are too high, stock prices are too low, and the war in the middle east has gone on too long.  Fear because change is not always for the better.

I once had a discussion with a co-worker over whether or not religion and politics should be mixed.  I think as a Christian, you cannot compartmentalize your faith and separate it from your political decisions.  More important than foreign and economic policies are the spiritual policies that matter to God. 

This makes voting for a president very difficult.  As a Christian, you want a president that seeks God's heart but in American politics, the game is about rhetoric, not about things of the heart, especially things on God's heart.

There are political issues that Christians rally around, such as abortion and same sex marriage.  In that respect, many Christians vote for the candidate that takes a stand against these two practices.  Personally, I use this same litmus test, particularly in regards to abortion.  However, does a candidate's stand on abortion really mean they have more of a heart for God's heart than the other candidate?

My point is that a candidate's public stance on political issues, including political moral issues, is usually based on solidifying their political base.  A pro-life, pro-traditional marriage candidate may have no more desire to seek God's will than the pro-choice, pro-gay marriage candidate.  Only God knows their heart.

The good news is that while it is our duty to cast our vote and do our work as Americans and Christians, we don't really choose our next president.  God chooses.
Psalms 135:6 (ESV)
6 Whatever the Lord pleases, he does, in heaven and on earth, in the seas and all deeps.
On November 5, regardless of the election outcome (although we may not know the outcome for months if it is close), celebrate the victory.  Praise God who is sovereign over all.  God chooses the kings and God chooses the presidents.  Praise God but also pray for His mercy.  Pray for our country.  Pray for our new leader.  Pray of a Nineveh style revival (Jonah 3:6-10).


carol at A Second Cup said...

Well said Tony. Amen!

Now several days after the election we know who to pray for now as he sets up his transition team.

If for no other reason perhaps God will use the next 4 years to teach His people to pray for their leaders.

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